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Cheers to a New Year~

“To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done.” - Richard G. Scott

As you can tell by the dates on my blog posts, I have not kept very current with my writing and so, with love in my heart and patience for my procrastinating self, here is the first blog post in a LONG time.

As appropriate with the turn of the calendar to a new year, let's talk about 2019 and what she is already bringing to the table for trends. One that really got my attention was the push away from"Bleisure Travel" (Bleisure travel is a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure”, and, it refers to “the activity of combining business travel with leisure time”) by planning your Companies events as "Excursion Travel". So basically, instead of planning a super boring conference in one location where your attendees end up extending and taking time off work to explore the City where they have been for the last 4 days; make an "Excursion" out of the conference!! For example; once you pick the City where you are meeting, plan your meetings in a different location for each day to spice it up. Or plan a day trip during the conference and weave it into your Corporate storyline. Or have a half day conference that is surrounded by a Theme (you can change that up every day or make it reoccurring) then take the last half of the day to experience the Theme by being out in the city!

There are a million ways to get in front of and elevate any event planning/producing goals that are on your books for 2019, but the ultimate goal is to put your Company stamp on everything you do. Plan for events that will enrich and enhance your brand and strengthen the bond you have with your team.

Have some fun and call Hey Marta with any questions or direction!!

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