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What are Business Meetings?

One definition of a Business Meeting is, a gathering of two or more people to discuss goals, objectives and/or direction of the particular workplace.

Companies are spending significant amounts of money on offsite meetings, whether it is to entertain an account, impress a client, team build or incentivize, managers have line items in their budgets for this purpose. The biggest issue with offsite meetings is that companies aren't adding in dollars for time and resources to track, plan and execute these meetings. Why have an offsite meeting if your goals for having the meeting aren't being tracked and met?

In a company that doesn't have an in-house event team, the task of sourcing, implementing and executing offsite meetings typically lands on the administrative staff. This staff, while critical to the function of all companies, may not be trained to handle all of these elements. In addition, if the company is in a tight budget quarter/year, there is a need to track budgets and look for ways to save money. This will include creative venue selection, concession discussions with the venues and/or hiring and managing additional contractors based on needs of the meeting. But there are also many more to consider.

Here are a few examples of initial needs to consider:

Venue Location - Is it close to your office or the offsite meeting space?

Transportation - Can the attendees get there via foot or cab? Do you need to consider renting larger transportation?

Menu - Will the group be sitting down to a 3 course menu or is the a more interactive event?

Onsite Management - Will there be staff onsite to help execute or are you relying on the venue for bodies?

These some elements to start you on a path to a successful offsite business meeting. If you have more questions or need more assistance, reach out to Hey Marta. We can help you create and execute flawless business onsite/offsite meetings and events.

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