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Corporate Event Cheers

maximize your

Return On Objective

80% of senior business leaders agree that corporate hospitality is a crucial part of your internal and external marketing strategy. Breaking bread is an excellent way to break down barriers, build internal team trust and expand the depth of connection between you and your clients.  

An estimated  $1.2 billion dollars will go into corporate entertaining this year. How much of it will be put to good use? Hey Marta strives to make sure that ALL of your financial and logistical efforts result in success.


Hey Marta remains the singular point of contact between you and the venue. This means that the time you would have spent planning - menu selection to ensure respect for budget, parking considerations, wine presentation, table location, audio/visual requirements  and more - is now yours again. That knot you're prone to get as you worry about everything being perfect? Never again. We have you covered so you can remain focused on your objective.

Contact Hey Marta @ 612-910-9972 or email to plan your next event!


Surprise & Delight

Hey Marta loves making our clients, and yours, feel special.

From customizing thoughtful menus, printed and set at a welcoming table, to presenting your staff or client with a special desert, we strive to insert your brand flavor all throughout your meal experience.

Whatever your needs, Hey Marta will be able to suggest add-ons in accordance with your budget and your business objective. Working with trusted partners helps ensure all communication, billing transparency and presentation is in compliance.

Corporate client happy with event planner
Corporate Event Planner Celebration
Our Value


Hey Marta respects the industry standard practice of including gratuity for large party gatherings. This rate fluxuates between 18-20% of your food and beverage totals.


Keep in mind, if you book an event without Hey Marta, that 18-20% fee will be assessed without influence on the outcome of your event, accuracy of your meal or fluidity of your experience. That fee is assessed with you handling every detail from menu selection, parking, budget adherence and more. By hiring Hey Marta to execute, you can stay focused on your business objective while we stay focused on your accurate and enjoyable experience.

Hey Marta covers costs through a combination of hourly wages, flat booking fees and/or a small percentage of the event total. Hey Marta will also work on retainer for reoccurring events such as quarterly presentations, board events and more. Please let us know how we can best address all of your event planning needs.

 Call @ (612) 910-9972 and let's get started!

Over 80% of senior leaders believe corporate entertainment strengthens relationships with clients and teams. How can we help you do the same? Send us an email to connect!

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