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So far, the biggest buzzword and trend in 2020 for Event Planners and Producers is sustainability. For me, this word has always correlated to Earth Day and how we can strive each day and more specifically, each event we plan, to be conscious and forward thinking in our sustainability efforts.

For most cities, their lens on waste is becoming more focused. And whether it is a water station for your guests to refill their own water bottles, compostable silverware, or locally grown menus. At this time, the options and ways to strive for sustainability are endless and critical when looking for venue partnerships.

Another way we as planners/producers can help reduce waste is to encourage our clients to utilize any and all electronic or digital signage that the venue can offer. Do your level best to avoid foam core or paper signs, but if they are needed, encourage the client to make them as generic as possible so they can be used again. One suggestion would be to use universal directional signage partnered with a live person to help guide the guests correctly. The ability for the guests to get real time answers creates inherent value and loyalty as well as adding to the sustainability factor of your event.

The word sustainability, in broad terms, should be looked at as a blanket that we are laying over each of our events. From initial inquiries into venues, through transportation to the airport after the event; How you are working to drive the reduction of reusable/recyclable materials in your plan? Learning to do so is necessary for staying relative and competitive in this highly sensitive market.

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