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Your Business

Business dinners and Corporate events are a must when recruiting top talent, welcoming a new client, celebrating a win, or mitigating damage. A dynamic exchange takes place when co-workers and clients can relax, break bread and get to know each other.


Eliminate the stress by outsourcing to the experts at Hey Marta. We execute on point to your budget and expectation for small dinners, large events and everything in between. You will no longer worry or stress about selecting the perfect venue, or creating the right menu to meet your budget. We attend to every detail including parking, seamless bill settling and much more. You can simply take care of business while we take care of the event.


Click to contact Hey Marta or call (612) 910-9972.

Our Partners


Hey Marta relieves the pressure point between corporations needing to execute flawless business events and venues that want the business.  

Successful corporate events depend on much more than just a reservation. If this is all the business is focused on, then the client will often experience costly delays, awkward table placement, and meal mix-ups, just to name a few. These issues can not only risk brand integrity, but will inevitably turn the event conversation towards the errors and away from business development. In turn, venues face avoidable frustration, expensive meal voids and stressed staff.  

Hey Marta strives to eliminate the risk for both sides by using sourced and vetted venues and speaking the language to ensure success.

We Think For You


Early in the process, Hey Marta will work to identify the stakeholder goals and help think outside the box. From center pieces, customized menus, ice-breaker games, audio visual requirements and more. We will work quickly with short notice or will partner with you for long range planning. 

With a scope on your wishes, we review surrounding area venues, in any city, across the country and/or Globe, to find the best fit.  Once a location has been selected, we work directly as the singular point of contact to coordinate all details from menu, seating, billing and everything in between.


Outsource all of your corporate event needs to Hey Marta for client dinners, special events, product launches, off site events, reoccurring board events, employee appreciation and more. Thinking of something specific or just tossing around ideas, we are here and ready to help.

Over 80% of senior leaders agree: Corporate Entertainment strengthens relationships with clients and teams. How can we help you do the same? Send an email to connect!

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