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You are smart. Developing a strong corporate dining reputation of excellence is great for your business.

  • Corporate dining is robust Mon-Thurs

  • Two thirds of diners are from out of town

  • Industry spends almost $2 billion annually

But marketing to this uniquely valuable market segment can be expensive, and distracting. Even if you land good business the margin for error is high to keep it. This client is tough to get and can be fragile to manage.


Why leave it to chance? Outsourcing your Group Sales Business to Hey Marta  alleviates tremendous stress on your staff while potentially adding significant revenue to your bottom line. 

Remain focused on what you do best, leave the marketing to us.

Apply for Hey Marta Group Sales Excellence to be added to our network of trusted restaurant partners. Questions? Call anytime (800) 216-4820.

Over 80% of senior leaders believe corporate entertainment strengthens relationships with clients and teams. How can we help you? Send us an email to connect!

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